About Us

CMR DEFENSE INDUSTRIES LLC is a Florida registered LLC founded in 2011 focused on game changing small arms technologies in a normally traditionalist industry.

Our vision is to utilize cutting edge advances in materials and technology to modernize an industry which is historically behind the curve and often uses technology and designs that are years if not decades out of date.

Our team

Chris Redmon, CEO

Chris Redmon

Founder, CEO

The Company’s namesake Chris M. Redmon, who studied Physics at Florida Institute of Technology holds 2 patents granted and 1 other related non-provisional patent applications in progress.

Derek Redmon

Derek Redmon

Founder, COO

His Brother, Chief Operating Officer Derek Redmon holds an advanced degree in BioTechnology and certificate(s) in Intellectual Property and Bioinformatics from University of South Florida and also co-founded Medical Solids LLC and Custom 3D Printed Solutions.

Patented Projects

XM-10 Line Machine Guns

CMR DEFENSE INDUSTRIES LLC has developed a novel and patented force feed system that allows us to negate the shortcomings of belt-fed machine guns and high capacity magazines while retaining the capacity advantage by using a proprietary “force-fed” magazine. This mechanism, which also reduces recoil, is being incorporated into several modular machine gun variants of different caliber and operational capabilities for multiple combat applications, from CQB to long range area suppression.

Battle Arm

CMR DEFENSE INDUSTRIES LLC has developed and prototyped a device to enable a single soldier to carry and utilize 27-40lb crew served weapon systems through weight redistribution from the arms to the torso. This system operates with a negligible decrease in mobility while allowing a soldier full range of motion for the weapon system with no felt weight on the arms, the most susceptible muscle group to fatigue while transporting and fielding heavy weapons. Both the device and firearm itself will be able to quickly disconnect from the soldier/system.

Composite Barrels

CMR DEFENSE INDUSTRIES LLC is developing a full composite barrel comprised of a number of different ceramics, silica carbides and carbon fiber materials embedded in a ceramic matrix, forming a ceramic fiber reinforced ceramic (CFRC) material. The ultimate tensile strength of this material will be many times that of stainless steel. Target weight savings over steel are 50% to 60%. The materials are extremely hard and durable, so it is likely the barrel will outlast service life of the weapon it is attached to.

Contact Us

CMR Defense is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have. If you have more questions about our products feel free to reach out to us using the information below.